Seed Savior: Mnemonic Phrase Recovery Tool


This tool is meant to help users with recovring a slightly incorrect Bitcoin and Ethereum mnemonic phrase (AKA backup or seed). You can enter an existing BIP39 mnemonic and get derived adresses in various formats. If a word is wrong, the tool will try to suggest the closest option. If a word is missing or unknown, please type "?" instead and the tool will find all relevant options.

Enter your mnemonic

example (see also the demo section below): enter a 12 or 24 words seed phrase: "phrase brief ceiling dream rack install fault insane panic surround glory ? library brother hill sauce access child notice picnic dinner panda purity poem"

The tool will suggest several options for the missing word and the relevant one will be "asset", with the following Ethereum address, listed in the "BIP44 ETH Address" column "0x2dfF20b40504f99c6314ac30e8DF5c02dd8058e7"

Recovered Word  
BIP44 BTC Address  
BIP49 BTC Address  
BIP84 BTC Address  
BIP44 ETH Address