How to earn passive income directly to your CashApp

Posted by onitguy on February 18, 2022

Earn passive income by using your computer to mine crypto. This software will mine the most profitable crypto currencies and reward you with bitcoin payments directly to your wallet.

First, you will want to download and install Cash App from your mobile device.

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Next, Go to the bitcoin tab. Look for “Deposit Bitcoin” and then select “View Bitcoin Address”. Copy the Bitcoin address.


Start Bitminer. If you see a message that you do not have the correct dotnet framework you will need to download .Net 6.0 from the Microsoft site. (


Starting Bitminer you will be prompted to enter the Bitcoin address copied from CashApp. The program will also require that you added a period at the end of your Bitcoin address and a name like worker 1. This is because some people may have more than one computer for mining Bitcoin (example: 39vd38JG9ZCzyAraRrfTQLLqHzWNB2dabh.w1) Once you have started the program it will begin mining using the resources from your computer.


The better the processor and video card the more rewards you will receive.